Dear Visitors, in the Salus Group, we have changed our domain and refreshed our overall corporate visual identity as of January 15, 2024. We can now be reached under the international domain extension

Quality Management System

The quality management system is based on our quality policy.

Putting people first

Employees are the company’s main asset. They have appropriate education, training, knowledge, skills and experience, which they are obliged to continuously develop. Each employee takes responsibility for the quality and consistency of their work. Health, well-being and safety at work are our first priority. Our competent and dedicated employees ensure the satisfaction of our business partners. Understanding their needs and expectations is the driving force behind our work. We focus on quality cooperation. We build long-term business relationships on trust and respect. Together, we live up to our slogan “People’s health is the highest law”.

Corporate Compliance

Our guiding principle is to operate in a compliant way. We follow the highest moral and ethical standards. We operate in accordance with applicable legislation, standards, internal rules and principles, and stakeholder requirements. We continue a long tradition of integrity and credibility. We identify risks and opportunities. We are aware that a responsible attitude towards the broader society is of great importance.

High-quality services and products

We have established a Quality Management System that provides effective implementation of our processes and consequently the expected quality of products and services. Decisions are made on the basis of facts, knowledge and risk assessment. We have set measurable goals, the accomplishment of which signifies a great commitment.

Commitment to continuous improvement

We are developing a culture of quality and a management system in which all employees contribute to continuous improvement. This way, we create added value for all stakeholders, achieve competitive advantage, improve environmental performance and ensure the long-term success of the company.


The pillars of sustainability are to operate in a responsible, inclusive and environmentally friendly way, which includes pollution prevention, reducing the carbon footprint of operations and the entire value chain from producer to patient, and efficient management of substances, with a focus on waste prevention and the introduction of sustainable packaging. Our purpose is to work for the good of each individual, for society as a whole and for our shared planet. Our commitment is to be a transparent and accountable business partner, to act as a vital link in the supply chain, to ensure the safe, quality and timely supply of medicines and medical devices, and to operate in an environmentally friendly way.

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