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Salus is strenghtening it’s presence in rare diseases area in CEE region!

We are excited to announce that Salus Group / Skupina Salus has entered into an agreement to acquire Medorion, a renowned company specializing in the commercialization of therapies for rare diseases across nine countries in South East Europe.

This strategic acquisition is a significant milestone for Salus as it strengthens our position as a leading pharma distributor in the CEE region while also establishing a new rare disease unit.

The primary objective behind this acquisition is to enhance our service offerings by creating a dedicated unit that focuses on treating patients with severe unmet medical needs in the fields of metabolic disorders and endocrinology. By joining forces with the talented and passionate team at Medorion, we aim to expedite the delivery of these much-needed therapies to patients, ensuring faster and more effective treatment options.

This acquisition holds great promise for Salus, as it is expected to drive portfolio growth and territory expansion. Medorion brings to the table a commercial-stage asset that has already been successfully launched, offering immediate value to our portfolio. Furthermore, there is significant potential for regional expansion, further enhancing our market presence in CEE.

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