Dear Visitors, in the Salus Group, we have changed our domain and refreshed our overall corporate visual identity as of January 15, 2024. We can now be reached under the international domain extension


All the best in year 2021!

Year 2020 has changed many things and put us through many challenges, personally and collectively. Now, when looking back to recap the year that is coming to an end, we can say that our company’s core value – HEALTH, became even more valued and recognized all over the world. In Salus Group our focus throughout the year remained on providing uninterrupted and safe supply of medicines and other products to healthcare institutions and pharmacies.

For the year to come we wish for the wellbeing of people to stay at the top priority and we are happy to continue to fulfil our part in this vision with full responsibility.

We wish you healthy, kind and happy New Year 2021.

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